BtN: シェイクスピア Shakespeare

世界で最も有名な劇作家 ウイリアム シェイクスピアが亡くなってから400年になります。


天才 シェイクスピアはどんな人生だったのでしょうか?



It’s been four hundred years since the death of the world’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare. His plays and stories are still really important today as are the thousands of the words and phrases he invented too. But what was this genius’ life really like? We find out from the man himself!


WILL: Hi, I’m Will.

KID: Hi Will.

WILL: But people usually call me William.

INTERVIEWER: Can you tell us your full name?

WILL: William Shakespeare. Playwright.

INTERVIEWER: Can you spell that?

WILL: It’s like shake, and spear, with an e at the end.

WILL: Do you want my autograph?

KID: What?

WILL: My autograph. I’m the guy that came up with this.

KID: The Lion King? You didn’t make that.

WILL: People tell me all the time “You’re the greatest writer in the English language.” And I’m like: “Yeah. I am.”

WILL: Nah, but it’s based on Hamlet. You know where that guy talks to a skull. That was me!

I was born in England in 1564. But no-one knows exactly when, so birthdays were difficult. “No cake for Will this year”. That happened every year.

My dad was a glove maker. One thing we always had growing up were gloves. I had a family and then, for a few years, as far as people knew, I just disappeared.

INTERVIEWER: What were you doing?

WILL: Nothing much. Anyway, eventually I moved to London and started acting. And then I started writing. In the next twenty five years, I wrote thirty seven plays, like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and loads of poetry.

WILL: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

I came up with seventeen hundred new words. Not bad, hey.

WILL: Okay, forget Hamlet. There are countless words of mine I bet you use all the time. Like countless.

KID: I don’t think I’ve ever said “countless”.

WILL: That’s laughable. Hey that’s one of mine as well. There’s buzz, puking, assassin. All mine!

KID: Right.
INTERVIEWER: What kinds of things did you write about?

WILL: Well, people tend to put my plays into categories. There are the comedies. People always get married in those. There are the tragedies.

WILL: I love this bit. O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Spoilers! They die at the end.

WILL: And there are the histories. They’re about history.

Many of those plays are still popular, but I wrote them at a time when people said things like:

WILL: Thou poisonous bunch-back’d toad. Thou loggerheaded maggot-pie!

So I suppose the language might take some getting used to. Yeah, that’s probably why I’ve inspired so many people to retell my stories.

WILL: Anyway, even though I’ve been technically dead for four hundred years now, you’ll still see signs of me everywhere. Movies, TV shows, and the words you use every day.

WILL: Moonbeam, eyesore, wild goose chase, break the ice. All me!

KID: For goodness’ sake!

WILL: Ah that’s one of my as well.

WILL: It’s a pretty good feeling, to be honest. Yeah.




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