BtN: オーストラリアの学校の運動場デザイン


Some school kids in Sydney are about to get a serious playground upgrade. They won a competition called ‘My Park Rules’ which asked kids around the country to design their ultimate play area. Now their dreams are going to become a reality.

There’s nothing quite like an awesome playground, filled with exciting equipment and surrounded by plenty of grass, trees and shade! But not all Aussie school kids are lucky enough to have a space like this to play.

BOY: There’s nothing to play with on Singleton Oval.

GIRL: I don’t know what to do.

STUDENT: For over 40 weeks a year you can see the locals attempting to play here. The going is tough.

For many schools around Australia, this is what their yard looks like instead.

STUDENT: Running is a risky business and often the exhibition of skills is marred by the uneven surface.

The kids here at Marrickville Primary School wanted a change too so they decided to enter the My Park Rules competition.

GIRL: And we went off with our partners and said well let’s think, what could we make this place be a better place?

Around 100 schools around Australia entered the comp. It asked kids to design their ideal outdoor area and be as creative as possible. The winners would get to team up with a landscape architect to make their dream park come true!

The kids at Marrickville dressed up as contestants on a home improvement show.

BOYS: This is a boring playground, where’s the grass.

GIRL: Well don’t you worry, we’re going to put vines growing all up this wall and a big tree in this area over there. A grassy pathway all around here.

Once the videos were uploaded to the website, the public could vote on them and Marrickville, along with 7 other schools, were chosen as finalists! Then it came down to the final announcement and these kids couldn’t believe it when Marrickville was announced as the big winner!

COMPERE: The national jury has awarded Marrickville as the national winner.

BOY: It was incredible and I felt really happy.

GIRL: I thought when we won all our hard work paid off.

So with the help of an architect their school will be transformed into a playground paradise!





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