BtN: Brexit イギリス EU脱退

  イギリス市民は新しいリーダーを選ぶ選挙ではなく、EU ヨーロッパユニオンの残留か脱退を選択する選挙を行います。

残留派と脱退派の論争、 オーストラリア 私達にどのような影響をあたえるのでしょう?

Citizens will soon head to the polls like us. It’s not to select a new leader though it’s to decide whether Britain should stay a part of the European Union. Here’s both sides of the debate and how the result might even affect us.

It’s a country known for its love of funny hats, football and cups of tea. But recently the UK has been split over a big issue: whether or not to stay in the European Union. The European Union, or EU, is a bit like a special club that’s made up of most of the countries in Europe.

You might recognise their flag, or maybe you’ve heard of their currency, the Euro. All up, there are 28 members of the EU and its goal is to bring Europe together and make things better for everyone involved.

To help make that happen, representatives from each nation come up with rules that’ll apply to everyone in the Union. They cover everything from immigration and health & safety, to how many hours you can work or how many fish you’re allowed to catch.

The UK joined an earlier version of the EU more than 40 years ago but the world has changed a lot since then. So last year the PM David Cameron promised to give everyone a chance to decide whether they still wanted to be a member or not. No member state has ever left the Union and that’s why the UK’s referendum is such a big deal.

One of the big issues in the debate is immigration. Because it’s a member of the EU, the UK doesn’t have complete control over the people that come to live and work in the UK. Some Britons say the number of immigrants is getting out of control and making Britain seem less British.

But others reckon having lots of different cultures in the UK is a good thing, because it creates a more diverse society. It’s a pretty divisive issue even among kids in the UK.

KID 1: I think immigration is good because like other people who can’t maybe afford to live in their own country can come here and live. It’s kind of bad at the same time because we’re getting kinda full over here.

KID 2: Well a lot of immigrants come to get a better quality of life, but that might have a negative impact on like people who already live here.

KID 3: We’ve lived like as British, we’ve lived here, and new people is obviously a change and some people don’t like change

KID 4: They’re coming over to help us and they’re working. So we’re kind of coming as a team and it’s making it better.

KID 5: I think immigration is good if it’s controlled.

Immigration isn’t the only thing people are arguing over. Some people on team ‘Brexit’, which stands for British Exit from the EU, say they don’t like following rules made by people who aren’t British. They say the EU forces too many rules on the UK, that aren’t in the UK’s best interests.

Meanwhile, team ‘Remain’ say Britain gets a lot of perks from being in the EU, like being able to easily move between member countries to live and work and it makes trade a lot easier. They’re worried leaving the EU will have an impact on the British economy that could then affect businesses and people all over the world, including Australia.

Some also think it could lead to other countries leaving and the European Union falling apart completely. Both sides of the Brexit debate believe their solution is best for the people of the UK, but now it’s up to the public to decide for themselves.



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