BtN: オーストラリアの人口 2400万人

オーストラリアの人口が2400万人を超しました。 オーストラリアは移民の国なので、移民で人口は増え続けています。 それでも日本は人口約一億二千万人。
オーストラリアの国土は日本の約20倍です。 日本人の視点からだと、まだまだ人が必要な国に見えますが。それでも出生率もよく、若い人が増えているのは国として羨ましいですね。

On Tuesday morning, Australia’s population will officially tick over 24 million people. It’s a big milestone so we thought we’d use the occasion to find out how Australia’s population has grown in the past and whether it will continue to grow into the future.

If you’re watching this, Congratulations! You now make up 0.00000416666666666666 per cent of the Australian population! And if you’re really good at maths, you’ll know that means Australia’s population has hit 24 million.

MATT: YAY! PARTY TIME! 24 million People in Australia.

SOMEONE OFF CAMERA: Why are you dancing?

MATT: I don’t know.

In fact, most people aren’t actually celebrating. But even if it’s not cause for a party, it’s still a pretty big deal for our country. We’ll get back to why in a moment, but first, let’s look at the main reasons Australia’s growing. And the most obvious one, babies!

REPORTER: A baby’s born in Australia every minute and forty four seconds, so now. All we have to do is wait another minute and forty four seconds and there’ll be another one. That’s quite a long time to wait, actually. We might have to move on.

Another biggie is immigration and Australia has a long history of it. Lots of people came in the 1800s when the Gold Rush almost tripled the population. And later on the government encouraged people to move here to help build Australia. After the Second World War people were offered cheap or free tickets to Australia on ships and millions took up the offer.

ADVERTISEMENT: Dad’s taking me to Australia; he says it’s the best place for me to get on in life.

These days, lots of people still want to come to Australia. Some are allowed in every year to live, work, and study. And some are allowed to live here as refugees after escaping trouble in their home countries. But there is another reason our population keeps going up too. People are living longer than in the past. That means more people are being born each day than are dying.

It all adds up to a bigger Australia. And some people think that’s great. More people means more businesses, more buying and selling and more building, and that keeps the economy growing. But there are some people with worries, too. As our population gets bigger, we’ll need more land, more food and more water for everyone, and new infrastructure like roads and schools. And while Australia may be big, it’s also the world’s driest inhabited continent, so it’s not as simple as filling up all this space with people.

REPORTER: That’s another baby!

But our population won’t be slowing down anytime soon. By 2043 we’re tipped to reach 35 million. By then, you’ll be 0.0000028571428571428573 per cent of the population. Sorry about that.

And it means we’ll all have to get used to sharing a bit more of Australia. So maybe getting in the mood to celebrate can’t hurt.



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